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Dream Holdings has a numerous properties to rent,buy or sell throughout Jaipur.We list the widest range of property types and styles, from studio apartments, detached family homes to various commercial properties, allowing you to see more
Whether you are a student,young professional or a family, Dream Holdings has the right rental property for you.Perhaps you are caught in the middle of a sales chain and need a property to rent/buy in a hurry? Dream holdings can help!



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  • The Legend
    Legend- an enthralling chronicle that is handed down through generations and what the people speak about, boastfully. The heart throbbing tales of the legend spells enchantment. Some legends are born and some are crafted. Crafted so well by the creators that it forces one to re-analyze the word perfection'. The creators of the legend always lead the way as they know the right time and the right place for the legend to emerge in Earth's realm. This establishes a legacy of the creators. A legacy of creating marvels. A legacy of creating the unparalleled. A legacy of being Legendary Landmark Legends appear in different forms. In this era, the legend is born in the form of luxury. Luxury that re-defines living. The people becoming the part of this lifestyle would narrate their fascinating stories. Because this time, there is a legend behind every aspect of luxury and that's precisely the reason why the new abode of the city is named THE LEGEND.

  • Pearl Avantika
    Beautiful place to live, Luxurious and semi furnished flat with an attached staff room.Every apartment has got its own private terrace which would have breathtaking views Have got an exotic views of the surroundings and is close to the statue circle, Being centrally located, Has got easy access from all directions. Apartment does have amenities like gym, Swimming pool,Club house,Game zone, As well..

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